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Times have changed and back to basics is more important than ever in choosing who and how business is conducted, especially when it comes to finding customers and more importantly keeping them. The acquisition of customers is always the topic of the company trying to offer the solutions, but is rarely at the dual focus that is, or should be, the standard rule; which is keeping both the business’s and the consumer’s best interest at hand throughout the entire process. This is easier said than done as both sides of the equation have definite goals and objectives that they want to achieve.

Taking first the side of the business; the objective is to get a new customer, have a profitable project together, create a relationship with that customer so that not only they provide repeat business but also deliver referrals with personal recommendations about the business’s quality, price, workmanship, etc… in other words, they sell the new customer for you. This ideal situation takes a lot of ground work to achieve. The expectations for businesses are that it just happens. It does not, and here are some of the elements that will help that process evolve and create a sustainable growth model.

Let’s first start with the old rule, which is mostly overlooked from the business side, that says don’t make it difficult to do business together. So many companies have created so many processes, checks and balances, rules, terms and requirements, that it is really hard to do business with them. Consumers want simple, trustworthy and reliable. Having a brand new customer sign a long term contract before any task is actually done is a tough pill to swallow. Divulging personal credit and income information is even worse. Contracts, credit forms, payment terms and penalties, and bank information requests for a simple small project? That is one of the single biggest turn offs for any customer. The only thing surpassing the requirements would be the attitude of arrogance that the customer is being felt as if the business is doing them a favor by allowing them to be a customer. A true recipe for disaster, and remember those wanted referrals, well if the business happens to get a prospect that hasn’t even become a customer and has had a negative experience, everyone they have the opportunity to tell will know about it.

People want to deal with people they know or relate to. Strangers become friends when there is a mutual respect, understanding and objective that bonds the two. Now all that has to happen is to deliver. Never over promise and under provide;Empathy, guidance and follow up goes much further.

Building that bond consists of having Trust. Trust is earned, slowly over time and actions, combining honesty and integrity always, even when things are not going as planned. Having an understanding of the customer’s situation, look at it from their point of view. Recognize that the customer is unique and their perception of the situation is what’s most important to them. Remember, because someone’s opinion is different from yours, doesn’t mean they are wrong.

Customers want personal attention. They want to be treated with world class service and want the same treatment that would be given to a longtime friend or family member. They want to feel as if they know the business owner they are doing business with. It is critical for the business to spend a little time cultivating the relationship, getting to know the customer is not only desired, but it may also uncover clarity on the project or even additional opportunities. And once they feel getting personal attention has been achieved, the customer wants impartial business advice. They don’t just want someone that will agree with every idea and “yes” them in every situation. Most of all they want to like you. Most of the scenarios, regardless of the venture being a big job or small project, people want to do business with people they like, and most times will even pay a little extra when they feel that connection. Treating every customer with the same level of importance is critical for avoiding disastrous situations.

All of these elements need to become a standard for those businesses that want to achieve great results, build a fantastic customer base who will always call upon them for whatever task may be at hand that falls into that business’s field of expertise. Ultimately a successful model would consistently cultivate growth and build on relationships, a true affiliation of mutual benefit for both the business and the customer. All of this guidance for a business would normally fall into a separate business consultation firm, but now can be easily obtained by partnering with Casa Concierge. We pride ourselves on facilitating business growth for tomorrow on the values of yesterday.

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