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As one of the newest platforms in the world of home renovations, maintenance and consumer services, Casa Concierge strives to provide its clients with access to the very best home renovations experts and professionals across Long Island. At Casa Concierge, we strive to provide a service that few can match, fully vetting and verifying each and every one of our partners, before they make it to our platform. This is the beauty of such a platform.

When it comes to home renovations, the industry is one of the most competitive around – especially across NYC and Long Island. And with so many different contractors across Nassau and Suffolk, all claiming to offer a great service, its impossible for consumers to identify who’s really offering a service thats worthwhile. All too often, homeowners will sign on with a contractor, plumber, electrician or whomever else, and things might sound great in the beginning. While anyone can hold it together long enough for ink to dry on a contract, for many of these individuals once a deposit is paid, workers begin to disappear, scheduling goes out the window, and the professionalism that they showed in the beginning to obtain the contract in the first place, is nowhere to be found once its time to get the job done. Working in the home renovations space on Long Island the Casa Concierge team has heard horror stories, from individuals leaving projects half completed in the dead of winter, to projects being completed without any of the work being up to code – resulting in heavy fines, and months of revision work all at the expense of the homeowner!

When you use a service like Casa Concierge, we provide the peace of mind to our clients to know that they are only working with the best, and when we add someone to our listings, you can guarantee a certain level of precision, and professionalism that we stake our entire reputation on. At Casa Concierge, we work closely with our business partners, and for most, act as their main marketing entity. In the process, for each and every job they book, we look at it as an extension of ourselves, and in the event that things might go wrong, we work alongside the contractor to remedy the situation as fast as possible, with limited issues and stress on the part of the homeowner. Two of our newest partners, RB Electric and Son, and Elite Plumbing and HVAC, exhibit everything we preach for the Casa Concierge brand. Each of them have a long track record of success, and have been offering homeowners across Long Island the very best service for decades now!

As a family owned and operated business for over 30 years, and with combined experience in electrician work of over 60 years, RB Electric and Son provides one of the most versatile and meticulous electrician services across Long Island. With homes having been built decades ago, throughout Nassau and Suffolk, the team at RB Electric specializes in a wide variety of electrical work, from installation of full, modern electrical systems, and modernization of older, less efficient electrical systems, to rewiring, outlets, breakers, switches, indoor and outdoor lighting, audio/visual installation and repair, and a whole lot more! And as one of the most experienced electricians on Long Island, RB Electric and Son is meticulous in their efforts, ensuring they help each and every client to not only get the best possible electrical work, but they pay special attention to homeowner safety, efficiency, and helping you to save money and cause as little strain on the environment as possible with their eco-friendly work. No matter what your electrical needs might be, the team at RB Electric and Son is here to help!

As one of the most vital jobs on Long Island, plumbing and HVAC services, the team at Elite Plumbing and HVAC is second to none, and with good reason, they are one of the premiere partners on! The team at Elite offers some of the highest rated plumbing, heating and air conditioning services across Nassau and Suffolk. From general plumbing for kitchen and bathrooms, to winterizing, heat-proofing, boiler, water heater and radiator installation and repair, central air conditioning and a whole lot more, Elite Plumbing can do it all! And no matter how big or small your job might be, no matter how severe your plumbing issues, the team at Elite offer one of the most responsive 24/7 emergency plumber services in NYS, responding to your most severe issues, when no one else will!

With an impeccable track record, and countless happy clients across Long Island, RB Electric and Son, and Elite Plumbing and HVAC have fully earned the Casa Concierge seal of approval. To contact them, or any of our other amazing business partners, be sure to visit us online at today.

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