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How was Casa Concierge Born?

Imagine your experience at a 5 diamond resort with a personal concierge at your disposal….everything is taken care of….. We wanted to create a way for you to have that same experience with each and every home project you ever have.

Home projects should be exciting, rewarding and even fun….but unfortunately most of the time they are far from it. I would spend many days waiting for a contractor to show up to quote a project I had. Most of the time they didn’t, nor did they even call…then the question of who to hire, are they quality, will I get what I want. Most folks are busy with their own careers, and have limited time to do the little jobs around the house….. Let alone worry about finding and hiring the right person to do it…. We wanted to find solutions for all of those situations.

Casa Concierge was born because of our own needs as a homeowner.

Our team has a quarter century of experience in customer service, operations and coordinating efforts with teams to achieve remarkable results.

We were raised with the highest values placed on respect and integrity, and with this philosophy we apply to the way we do our business. So we set out on an adventure with a goal to build a simple to use system that uniquely combines high level customer service with industry knowledge, as well as the best elements from every other company out there and delivers it all on a single, state of the art platform second to none,

We set ourselves apart from everyone and everything else available today by the design of our company direction that focuses exclusively on homeowner satisfaction combined simultaneously with growing the service provider’s business through lead generation.

What if it is just a small handyman type project?

It doesn’t matter if your job is big or small, once you visit the Casa Concierge site, you’ll have plenty of information, options, reviews, videos, and suggestions to help your decision and selection.

With simplicity you can fully arrange and schedule your home renovations and maintenance work, no matter what it might involve. Projects can be as small as tree trimming or installing a light fixture to installing a new mailbox or even changing a ceiling fan. In other words, no job is too small.

Can you help with larger projects?

Absolutely. We have listings of experienced General Contractors who can handle everything from bathroom and kitchen remodels to entire home builds. These General Contractors have been selected for their professionalism and ability to handle all aspects of a larger build or project. They will take care of securing all of the specialty trades you will need for the job.

What if I don’t know what I want?

Well….that is where we shine. Through our articles, videos, reviews, blogs, Instagram, Facebook and a multitude of other features we can spark those ideas that can turn into your next project.

Want to turn that dark basement into a family room, game room or a multipurpose area? Maybe a home gym and sauna? Want the backyard converted into your own private oasis? No curb appeal, no problem. Extensions, driveways, hardscapes of all kinds. Want a waterfall or koi pond?

Basically, if you can dream it, we can help you do it.

And if you are having a little challenge dreaming it, our interior designer category can provide tremendous creative ideas and professional planning and project design assistance every step of the way and to fit every style from ultra-modern to rustic to even designs focused on the principles of Feng Shui. No space is too big or too small to redesign.

How does Casa Concierge work?

The beauty of Casa Concierge lies in its simplicity. All it takes is one simple log on, and with the resources, you will find, you will be able to arrange a project that will be completed to your satisfaction with the normal aggravation involved with searching to hire someone….the calling, waiting, scheduling, checking up on and most of all stress and headaches.

It doesn’t matter if your job is big or small, Casa Concierge will assist you in all of your home renovations and maintenance work, no matter how unique from big projects to small household tasks, we’ve got a number of experts available for you!

Do you take care of regular maintenance projects?

Yes, we have a wide list of resources that can handle all types of regularly scheduled services that include lawn maintenance, spring and fall yard cleanups, annual mulching, annual lawn care, spring deck power washing….and much more.

Do I need to get additional quotes?

You certainly have that choice to do so; however while we are also constantly working with our home service providers to help them grow their business, we painstakingly analyze and suggest they approach homeowners with the market’s most aggressive rates. They understand with these attractive fees they will get multiple jobs and referrals and are higher on our suggestions. So it is a win-win for everyone involved.

What don’t you handle?

Actually, we haven’t figured that out yet. We suggest that if you have an idea….ask. As soon as we find something we can’t do we will make sure to post it here.

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