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4 Things to Know Before Your Flooring Job

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When it comes to home renovations, most of us tend to think about some of the larger, more difficult jobs such as carpentry work, room additions, foundations expansions, kitchen & baths and similar work. However, one of the biggest mistakes new homeowners tend to make when discussing home improvement services is to forget about renovating the flooring and carpeting. The fact is that when it comes to flooring and carpeting, its often an afterthought as homeowners assume its a fairly simple and easy process, however in most homes it can be one of the most difficult and most costly parts of any renovation. This is why when it comes to flooring services Nassau and Suffolk homeowners should often look to professional flooring & carpeting contractors in order to make sure the job is done right. When seeking out flooring services Suffolk and Nassau homeowners should look to a service such as Casa Concierge, an innovative new platform that helps to connect homeowners with the most experienced and reputable home improvement services in their area. When it comes to stop flooring & carpeting contractors and other home renovations specialists, Casa Concierge only works with the very best and most trustworthy contractors in the field. All the home improvement services on the Casa Concierge website are fully vetted and verified, and are sure to have a strong track record for quality work. However, for many flooring services Nassau and Suffolk homeowners should try to educate themselves as best they can, even in the even they are hiring professionals. The fact is that even when you are working with flooring & carpeting contractors, there is still quite a bit you need to know before you even start the job – this is especially the case when it comes to carpeting and expensive hardwood flooring, as costs can easily add up, and a lack of knowledge will usually end up costing individuals thousands in excess. In this article, we will be going over a few of the most important things to know before your next carpeting job.

Identify the Use of Each Room

One of the most important factors when determining what kind of flooring or carpeting you need in a specific area is the use of the room in question. This is a fairly logical idea – as most homeowners would hate to have carpeting in a room like the kitchen or bathroom, as its susceptible getting wet, or having food spilled. This would cause you to spend tons of money in cleaning costs over the lifetime of the home. According to experts in flooring services Suffolk and Nassau homeowners should ask themselves, what is this room being used for? What type of traffic can I expect in this room? And will this room have direct access to the outside? This is important as you will likely track mud and dirt into the home, and want to make sure the flooring isn’t something that’s easily damaged and dirtied. According to most flooring & carpeting contractors, carpeting is best done in areas such as a bedroom, and hallways in living and sleeping areas, as opposed to a hallways leading to the backyard or a kitchen or bathroom.

Color & Style

Color and style is an important consideration for a lot of different areas in the home, but especially important for carpeting and flooring. Its important to understand that aesthetics are a vital part of selling a home one day and you want to make sure the carpeting or flooring is a nice color, that isn’t too crazy, or isn’t something that will turn off a large portion of the population. Its best to choose common colors. In addition, when it comes to carpeting, in a room with lots of children, you usually want to avoid white or other light colors, as this will easily stain and children are likely to spill things like food or paint. In addition a trick is that you can make a smaller room look larger with a light colored carpet.


No matter what your budget or financial situation might be, its best to keep a sensible budget when it comes to your home improvement services – especially for flooring as these things can become costly, very quickly. Make sure you take into account the size and square footage of a room, before you decide to go with one type of flooring over another. Some flooring costs much more than others, and can easily kill your budget once you do the math. Identify the size of each room and figure out which type of flooring you can best afford.

Type & Quality of the Flooring

An important factor, sometimes more so than price, is the quality of the flooring you choose. When you ask most flooring & carpeting contractors, they will tell you for certain areas, if you choose a poor quality flooring material, you can end up spending thousands more over the years in repairs – so it makes sense to spend more upfront. For an area like the basement or garage, where you might have heavy objects, storage or tools that might damage the flooring you might want to consider things like linoleum or even concrete. You can always add rugs and other items to specific areas where you’d like to have a bit more comfort. The same definitely goes for hardwood floors versus fake hardwood flooring – the real stuff will usually last much longer, and you might save money in the long run.

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