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How do I grow my business?

For business owners both small and large, one thing is certain; you will be contacted many times throughout your week by salespeople trying to explain their products and services to you. Some may be viable, some not so much, but how do you know what to do? How do you invest in your business so that your pipeline of leads continues to grow? Sure, there are and always will be personal referrals from past jobs with satisfied customers that will come your way, but is it wise to continue to hope that will always be there?

Twenty years ago the service and home project advertising and marketing solutions were simple; Place an ad in the local shopper magazine or coupon book that was in everyone’s mailbox each week, and you were almost guaranteed lead calls. Well, times sure have changed! The publications that were the “go-to” for everything home service-related are now either gone or a fading skeleton of what they once were. When the print ad industry started to crumble, all those companies tried diligently to take off their blinders, go against everything the senior folks knew, and dove in headfirst to the digital arena creating programs and emails and websites and whatever else they could think of to try to recapture lost business. This situation is very similar to the master stonemason trying to do high-level electrical circuits; it just doesn’t fit. However, all that said, the worst part was the creation of all of those products and programs were done for the purpose of feeding the company’s losses and not only built with helping the client as a sole focus.

That situation left a lot of customers by the wayside, overpromised and under-delivered. Customer service stopped servicing and department managers stopped trying to resolve issues; it became disastrous and the end results were the customers left unhappy.

What is the solution? Well, we have taken all of that information, all of the frustrations, all of the challenges with great focus on what worked and what didn’t; we took all of the many, many years of experience spent in various publications and advertising companies from all over the United States and believe in our souls that we have built the solution, finally recognizing who the actual customer is. The customer is not Joe’s Plumbing or Tony’s Tree Service, they are our partners; the actual customer is the homeowner trying to get a project completed in a professional, timely, and cost-efficient way.

Casa Concierge is a simple to use system that uniquely combines high-level customer service with industry knowledge, as well as the best elements from every other company out there and delivers it all on a single, state of the art platform second to none, that focuses directly on homeowner satisfaction combined with growing the service provider’s business through lead generation.

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