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Home Maintenance that is Normally Overlooked

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When most people talk about home maintenance they mainly focus on the projects that revolve around the actual building or systems for your home and property. The maintenance aspect however goes a lot further than that if you are someone who has the desire to do the work at home and tackle most projects yourself, especially property related maintenance such as yard work and general grounds keeping, the reason being if you are handy or even if you’re a weekend warrior; chances are you have accumulated a great abundance of tools and supplies over the years to get those job done.

Most people who take on these projects themselves have garages or sheds that resemble a tool department at the local hardware store with shelves and wall racks filled with chainsaws, weed trimmers, power blowers, hedge trimmers and of course lawn mowers and snow blowers. Some with larger properties may also have even invested in riding mowers, leaf collecting systems, carts and wagons and even small tractors all stored neatly and ready for the next usage.

Now we would never think of driving a vehicle for a long time without having normal service done, check the brakes and tires and especially change the oil. We have regularly scheduled maintenance performed at our favorite local service station or dealership as a ritual; but yet when is the last time you had your riding lawn mower serviced with a complete safety check, tune up and oil change.

Chances are if you live in a neighborhood that has trees on your property, you probably own a chainsaw. Regardless if that chainsaw is used for cutting wood for home heating purposes or is used only on occasion after a storm for cleanup; it is important to have it regularly serviced and by professionally sharpening the chain, you will save a lot of time and engine wear helping that tool to last for many years to come and be ready when you need it.

The same goes with all of the trimmers and power blowers and snow blowers and lawn mowers. Each of those very useful tools must be taken care of to maintain their life span and keep them operating the way you expect them to. The benefit of power is using gasoline powered equipment, the curse is over time, even a couple of months, gasoline will varnish the internals of the engine and especially the carburetors causing real anxiety when it’s time to use. Imagine waking up to that first major snowstorm that quietly came overnight; you confidently grab a coffee and head for the garage to only find that after sitting idle all summer long, your shiny new snow blower just won’t start.

All of this equipment maintenance can easily be handled by finding a local small engine repair shop or a lawn equipment service center in your area. Most of all remember to give yourself plenty of time, because as you would like your equipment serviced or repaired when you’re not using them in the off season, keep in mind, so does everyone else. So, the chances of getting your lawn mower serviced in June or your snow blower repaired in January are both going to be very difficult to achieve.

Another frequently overlooked maintenance is on the patio. One of the most neglected items that is a staple in most people’s arsenal of possessions that is used a lot is the gas grill. This wonderful appliance is probably one of the most overlooked maintenance items that for some reason has become a “use it until it falls apart and then purchase a new one” situations. What a waste. There are plenty of local handyman services around that are willing and capable of checking and replacing internal grill parts, and along with a little cleaning a good vacuum and covering it to protect from bad weather could certainly prolong the lifespan of your grill saving you an unnecessary large expense and unneeded down time not be able to cook outdoors.

Spend a few moments and take a look around to see what other tools and items can use a little “TLC”; hand tool such as shovels and rakes should be cleaned and the metal wiped with oil or sprayed with something like a WD-40 type of product to prevent rust. Garden hoses should be taken in out of the weather and the spigot to the outside of the house insulated and winterized. Planters and flower pots can be stored out of the extreme cold so that they don’t fill with water and freeze as they will crack and be sent to the trash as well. All of this takes little time, and with the help nearby of a Handyman or a local service center, and with a tiny bit of effort could save your equipment while ultimately saving you tons of money.

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