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3 Things to Know Before Starting Your Home Renovations Project

When it comes to being a homeowner, while it is a dream for many men and women as they enter into adulthood, its important to understand that it truly isn’t an easy thing at all, and takes quite a bit of hard work. The fact is that once you are able to accrue the funds, to put a down payment on a property, and take care of the mortgage, you’ve got to think of other issues such as renovations and daily maintanence that goes into the property itself.

This can be a full-time job in itself, and it’s vital that you hire the right Nassau home remodeling contractors to do the job, as the vast majority of home renovations and maintenance work are far too much for the average home owner to get done on their own. When you are looking for a home renovations team, using a service like Casa Concierge can help you quite a bit! The fact is it can often be difficult to find a trustworthy team to take care of all your household renovations and maintenance work. however, the team at Casa Concierge make sure to vet every one of their partners and when you contact them, your one on one concierge will ensure that they are the right Nassau home remodeling contractors for you. The fact is that with a home renovations team that is experienced and trustworthy and knows how to get the job done you are in good hands.

however, there are a lot of different mistakes that homeowners will often make before getting their home renovations work off the ground. Therefore to better educate them, in this article, we will be going over some of the most common things that homeowners should make sure of before they get started on their home renovations projects.

A Key Lockbox
One of the smartest things you can do as a new homeowner, especially before you begin working on any type of a home renovations project is to invest in a brand new key lockbox. The fact is that when you are hiring Suffolk home remodeling contractors, the homeowners often live quite far away. And in such an instance you won’t be there or can’t be there to give them the keys to enter the home. Remember that contractors start early, so unless you want to drive in morning rush-hour traffic to let workers inside, plan to attach a lockbox or install smart door hardware that allows you to provide entry to guests with a code. It can save you countless hours of time, gallons of fuel, and painful, early morning wake-up calls. This will also help in the instance that you would like to put the home on airbnb or rent it out later on at some point.

Spend Some Time and Get to Know the Home
Far too often, especially when an individual is planning on having work done on a home or if the home is supposed to be an investment property that they will be renting out or trying to flip, they won’t really look around and spend quality time in the home. This is a huge mistake. And before you hire any Suffolk home remodeling contractors to come in and do a bunch of work you have planned, actually spend some time in the space and get a better idea if that work is needed or necessary at all. This will also give you a better idea of how to choose things like carpeting versus hardwood floors, or different paint colors you might want to use, and possible placement for things in the kitchen or the bathroom. You want your home to be livable and function at its best too, and sometimes that’s best understood through actual experience within the property rather than through a drawing on paper.

Have a Realistic Timeline – Plan for Delays!
One of the most common things about any home renovations work is the fact that there will almost always be some types of delays. If you are a very lucky individual, those delays may only be for a couple of weeks, but even the most experienced of real estate developers and home renovations team owners will be forced to work with a ton of different delays, some of which can last for months or even years! Its almost always the case that renovations in a home, no matter the size or what you have planned, will take longer than you had initially planned for. The fact is that the best thing you can do, as a homeowner to avoid constant frustrations and fighting with your contractors and even your family members is to expect such issues, and plan accordingly. Often it’s best to get parts and things delivered early, and try to double any installation and demolition time you might have planned for.

For more information on home renovations or to find the right team for you, be sure to visit Casa Concierge today.

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