Demonstrating professionalism with the highest form of customer service has helped The People’s Painter Inc. grow tremendously. We take pride in the quality yet cost-friendly painting service, drywall work, flooring solutions, and other services we offer that also come with a 1-year warranty and free labor estimates. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Experts for the Job 

We take each job seriously, whether it involves a custom interior paint job, a new floor for your kitchen, or a bathroom remodel. We focus on the individual needs of our clients, prioritizing attention to every detail during each project we schedule. Our vast expertise and wealth of knowledge allow us to carry out every task in a timely and problem-free manner. With access to top-shelf equipment, quality is not an issue.

The Property

Throughout the years, The People’s Painter Inc. has become a premier choice for many people around. Located in Sound Beach, NY and serving the nearby areas, our company has an interior painter, drywall technician, flooring experts, and other professionals who can help you revitalize the interior and exterior of the place you call home. Working with us is ideal. Want to find out why? Here, you can.


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Thank you for repainting my kitchen and revamping my bathroom space! I couldn’t be more satisfied with your work. The price was good, too. I highly recommend your bathroom remodeling and painting service.

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