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Is your company moving its base of operations? Are you now offering an innovative new set of products and services? No matter what your latest announcement or news might be one of the best ways of keeping your client base in the know is through a press release!

As a full service marketing agency for businesses in the home renovations, maintanence and consumer services fields, Casa Concierge is now offering press release submission services. We submit your press release to some of the most relevant media outlets on the PR wire including MarketWatch, Yahoo! Finance, Benzinga, Forbes, Cision, and more, including a number of local news outlets in your chosen area!

If you have got a press release, of 400 words or less, ready to submit, fill out the form below!

Custom Press Releases & Writing/Editing Services

Press releases aren’t as easy as you might think, and they require a specific format, and utilize certain grammar and literary rules in order to maximize your chances of being picked up by more media outlets. If you would like longer form press releases, or need assistance with writing or editing your press release, be sure to contact us and we will further assist you in creating the very best PR submission to get your message out there!

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