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When it comes to home improvement projects, one of them that rank at the top is replacing your home’s windows. Choosing to replace windows throughout your home may come from many directions; style and appearance and energy efficiency seem to lead the list. New windows can certainly make your home more attractive, provide less maintenance, even make your home quieter, less drafty and in some window types even safer. New windows are certainly less maintenance and much easier to clean and most don’t need the normal painting as older windows may need.

One thing for sure is that there is no shortage of window advertising in the market and seemingly the longest lasting boast is energy efficiency. Now while that may play a very real role in your decisions, don’t let it be the only factor as there are many. First think of the energy efficiency; depending upon your selection, most windows and installation is a major purchase and investment in your home that will remain, under normal circumstances, many years to come, maybe even the rest of the life of that building. But you must look carefully and calculate the savings; energy saving qualified by Energy Star rate windows on lowering your energy bills by anywhere from 7 to 15 percent. Taking that information, if you’re an average size family home of 2000 is square feet, and live in an environment of extreme weather, both hot and cold, your average monthly energy bill should be around $300. If that is the case your savings based on the rating would be between $21 and $45; extending that annually calculates to $252 and $540 respectively. Given the fact that the average window replacement cost is $400 to $1000 including labor per window. That recovery can take decades to recover. So while it’s a factor, don’t make a decision with energy efficiency being the only decision.

Although energy efficiency will be discussed and subliminally drove into your thought process by all of the advertising you come in contact with, here are some other factors to consider. First, do your research, selecting the manufacturer and style and construction will benefit you more in the long run. You will probably hire a professional contractor to do the installation, but the window purchase as far as type and make up can be spearheaded on your own. Once that selection is complete, you can advise the contractor as to what you want. Some actually even benefit more, if you are inclined to do so, order and arrange delivery of your windows and hire the local contractor for installation only.

Keep top of your mind that pricing doesn’t necessarily indicate performance. Name brands that are household names have the advantage of brand awareness and word of mouth, but all brands have spec sheets. Compare them; compare the construction, the materials, the glass ratings and thickness, the “what” that makes them the best because there has never been a window ad that stated the company wasn’t very good. You must sift through the muck to find what you’re looking for.

Consider where you live, what the temperature changes range is, what weather elements are present where you reside. Window purchases in New York have many different needs than those in Texas. Select the window that fits and don’t get “sold” on extra features. Focus on features of need and value, overspending on options can easily add tremendous cost to the purchase, and the options are many, just use your needs at hand to find the right ones. Chances are if you live in the northeast, the need for triple glazed low-e glass that has hurricane coating is probably a little overkill.

Research what makes up the window and why. The construction, the materials, the glass, the cladding, what options are available such as blinds or grilles. How do they operate and what style most benefits your space and what you like. Some can be custom ordered to match a special color you have in mind, some can be custom sized or custom configured to fit the design element you want. Some windows don’t have to open at all, so consider what stationary glass you want to include. There are many options and you should take the time to research and make the best selection you can because the decision will stay with you for a long time and if you regret what you’ve chosen, it can be a very costly do over.

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