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Home Renovations & Maintenance Services You Can Trust!

When it comes to home renovations and maintenance work, finding the right team to do the job can often be difficult, especially if you are in need of multiple experts having various specialties! From exterior work like siding, brick work, roofing and landscaping, to interior plumbing, heating, flooring, and much more, Casa Concierge provides property owners with their one-stop for all their home renovations and maintenance needs. Find the right contractor, or team of professionals with the knowledge, experience and a proven track record to get your job done, and make sure that it gets done right! And unlike other resource companies out there, if you are having trouble finding what you need, simply call us at 631-401-1556 or email services@casaconcierge.com and we will help you find what you are looking for.

The Right Team

  • Plumbing & Heating
  • Kitchen & Bath
  • Roofing, Siding & Brick Work
  • Concrete, Driveways, & Landscaping
  • Flooring & Carpeting
  • Specialized Home Maintenance

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Grow Your Contracting Business with Casa Concierge Today !

As a home service providing company, it can be difficult to grow your business on your own. The beauty of Casa Concierge is we not only provide the public with the resources to get projects done while driving customers to our partners, we also work directly with contractors, service providers and renovations experts to provide the very best digital marketing services available today. So not only will you join the Casa Concierge listings of elite home renovations experts, giving you access to the best jobs on long island and beyond, you will also have full access to the best lead generating digital marketing agency available.

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Casa Concierge offers an expansive listing of contractors, home renovation specialists, and service professionals throughout Long Island. And while your company might be listed, claiming your listing allows you to unlock all the benefits of having a full, Casa Concierge profile! This allows you to expand your site profile, gives you access to more clients, and the opportunity to get the full suite of marketing solutions offered by Casa Concierge - including web development, search engine optimization and much more!

Solving The Puzzle

Are you a contractor in the Long Island area? Maybe you offer a mobile car detailing service? House cleaning and junk removal? No matter what kind of consumer service you operate, you can grow your business with Casa Concierge today! Not only will you be connected with new clients across Long Island - you will receive preferred status with our parent company XCode Consulting where our team of digital marketing experts offer a wide array of business solutions that are proven to help grow businesses in the modern economy. No matter what your specialty might be, our experienced team is here to help you grow your company with world class technology coupled with old school customer service! To find out more, simply click the yellow button below and give us your contact info…. We’ll personally connect, discuss your needs, and present a solution plan to get you beyond where you want to be.

Grow Your Nest Egg With Our Secret Sauce

For home renovations and contractors, we offer the very best in digital marketing and web development services around today! In today’s fast paced, online world, there’s only one way to compete for the best jobs, and that’s by having a strong, and rich online presence! Casa Concierge provides home renovation specialists with all the latest in digital marketing and web development services, including:


Our company provides solutions to “bring buyers and sellers together” utilizing a broad range of elements from proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence to an enhanced portfolio of advertising and marketing products and strategies coupled with expert experience in customer service oriented lead generation…

We also provide web development and online marketing services that include:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization -
Improve Your Rank On Google and Get
More Leads !

curated Content to Drive Leads

Web Development - We build you a
brand new, modern website with all the
bells and whistles

Improved Sales Funnels & Lead

Social Media Strategies

Fully Redesigned Marketing Strategy
Including Paid Ads and Much More !

Grow your contracting business today, with Casa Concierge !

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