Casa Concierge is a Long Island New York based technology company focused primarily on the residential service industry, providing homeowners viable resources with ease of use and interaction while simultaneously providing lead generation and new customer acquisition to the business marketplace.

The company provides solutions to “bring buyers and sellers together” utilizing a broad range of elements from proprietary code algorithms and artificial intelligence to an enhanced portfolio of advertising and marketing products and strategies coupled with expert experience in customer service oriented lead generation for our partners.

The team is comprised of multiple resources beginning with the core founders, possessing experience of almost 30 years each on all aspects of high level corporate technology, operations and revenue generation. Ancillary resources include proven veteran industry selling agents and technology and back end support and development engineers from parent company Xcode Consulting Inc.

Our mission is to provide a simple to use system of deliverables that uniquely combine high level technology and customer service with industry knowledge, as well as the best elements from every other company out there and delivers it all on a single, state of the art platform second to none, that focuses directly on homeowner satisfaction combined with growing the service provider’s businesses through lead generating advertising and marketing elements….but it doesn’t stop there; we also provide a full service digital services suite that can deliver anything and everything a business needs to establish, grow or reinvent themselves in todays environment.

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