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Private Security Protection Services, Inc. was created in response to the growing need for improved security and professional protection services. We are a seasoned team of sharp, well-trained, highly disciplined, licensed security professionals. With the key focus on safety and client service, the security personnel at Private Security Protection Services, Inc. have challenged themselves to continually raise the standard within the safety and security industry.

Our founder, Mr. David “Nico” Price was trained in Trinidad & Tobago and Great Britain by the English Special Forces and was a contracted bodyguard for over 26 years. He has over 35 years of martial arts training specializing in self-defense strategies and over 10 years of field experience in private investigations. He has served as the personal bodyguard for the Prime Minister and President of Trinidad – Dr. Eric William and Sir Ellis Clark, respectively. His integrity and personal dedication are reflected in every aspect of the company.


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