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Pre-Holiday Housecleaning

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As the days get shorter and the morning greats you with a chill in the air, the discussions soon begin around the planning stages for the Holiday Season. Most families begin their planning around Halloween, and the season opener hits on Thanksgiving Day and runs straight through New Year’s Day. Though the calendar only counts this period as five weeks, the planning, discussions and certainly work load goes much, much farther. The beginning of this planning is with the leaders of the household making decisions as to exactly where the gatherings will be held. Some traditions stronghold an event or a day in the season to a specific individuals home while others change locations every year to spread the joy, and work involved as a host by having a dinner at your house.

This planning time involves everything from the where the dinner is going to be held, to who’s sitting where, to certainly, what is on the menu; and then the lucky host for that event gets the task of home preparation that normally involves the deep cleaning of every nook and cranny in the building. There is so much time and energy spent on this deep cleaning ritual that by the time comes to prepare the meal, exhaustion has well set in which also leads to stress and you guessed it, the arrival of short tempers.

This year try to avoid that stress, avoid that chaos, the short tempers and the potential for arguments causing even more stress, all while the clock is ticking closer to the time of the guests arriving. We all understand and hope that the Holiday Season ends up being the wonderful time of year to gather with friends and family and enjoy each other’s company as originally intended, enjoying the many times with visits to each other’s homes, plenty of food and drink and of course the wonderful discussions and reminiscing with stories of the past. There is nothing better than a cold snowy night gathered by the fire enjoying that Holiday visit. You can almost picture the scene; you can almost smell the food and hear the laughter from the other room.

All of that is the prize, the goal at the finish line, the celebration. Truth is, it takes a tremendous amount of work and planning to pull off the ultimate Holiday Gathering, so why not this year give that party planner (or yourself) a gift that will be so very appreciated, a gift that will eliminate hours of hard work, a gift that will be remembered and talked about for a long time. Give the gift of a house cleaning service.

Again, think about it, the single biggest stress before any gathering or event is final preparations and a major task in that prep work is house cleaning, normally a top to bottom deep cleaning, you know the type; the one that every dish is out of the cabinets, the ones that places in the house that no one has ever been in are being emptied and cleaned. I say this year, eliminate that stress and hire a professional cleaning company, one that specializes in everything you ever was a part of having to clean before those Holiday gatherings. The real advantage would be to have it done before final decorations were placed, yes, window cleaning before the candles on the sills, carpet cleaning before the train set is placed under the tree, the polishing of the mantle before the first lightings of the Menorah or Kinara. The point is, it doesn’t matter what traditions you follow,the preparation is an unbelievable amount of work.

A professional cleaning company will take a lot of your stress away, and don’t forget the cleanup after the Holidays. You may want to schedule them twice. Who knows, this may be the start of a new gift giving tradition in your family, a gift for that chosen one who was lucky enough to be named the host. It would give everyone in the family an opportunity to thoroughly enjoy themselves without the added stress of finding time to get it all accomplished.

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